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Requiring Entity
The state of California, Department of Consumer Affairs
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Instant Approval with no credit check required.
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$120.00 annually

Who is Required to Secure this California Pest Control Bond

The Structural Pest Control Act requires that any company wishing to do business as a Pest Control Company must first file a bond in the amount of $4,000 with the Structural Pest Control Board. The bond must be executed by an admitted surety insurer. In addition, the bond must be maintained at all times in order to keep the license active and prevent the revocation of the company license.

California Pest Control Bond Requirement Specifics

The California Pest Control Bond is required by the State of California to protect any person who receives services or enters into a contract with a registered company and is damaged by an act of fraud or dishonesty by the registered company (California Business and Professions Code Section 8697.2). Any person damaged an act of fraud or dishonesty is entitled to reimbursement by the

What you Need to do Once you have your California Pest Control Bond

Once the California Pest Control Bond has been issued and released to the applicant, it must be filed with the Structural Pest Control Board. The bond must be signed by all Qualifying Managers for the company. The bond must remain in full force for the term of the company’s license. Should the bond be cancelled for any reason, the Structural Pest Control Board may suspend or revoke the license of the registered company until a replacement bond is received.

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