Residential Home Care Facility Bond

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Bond Details

Requiring Entity
State of California, Department of Health and Human Services
Underwriting Criteria
Instant Approval with no credit check required.
Premium Rate(s)
$120.00 for 4 year term

Who is Required to Secure this Bond

A California Residential Home Care Facility Bond in the amount of $1,000, $2,000, or $3,000 is mandatorily required to be filed with the State of California, as set forth in the Health and Safety Code Section 1560-1565, for any person who handles or will handle any money of a person within the community care facility. This section shall not apply if the licensee handles money of residents of the facility in amounts less than fifty dollars ($50) per person and less than five hundred dollars ($500) for all persons in any month, or if the licensee operates a community care facility which is licensed to care for children including, but not limited to, a foster family home. The bond amount is to be fixed by the State Department based upon the magnitude of the operations of the applicant, but which sum shall not be less than one thousand dollars ($1,000), running to the State of California and conditioned upon his or her faithful and honest handling of the money of persons within the facility.

Bond Requirement Specifics

The Residential Home Care Facility Bond requirement is set forth in the Health and Safety Code Section 1560-1565. The failure of any licensee under this section to maintain on file with the Department a bond in the amount prescribed by the Department or the embezzlement by a licensee of trust funds of a resident of the facility shall constitute cause for the revocation of the license.

Who is protected Under this Bond

Any person or persons for whom the Residential Home Care Facility rendered services

Underwriting Process

California Residential Home Care Facility Bonds require a signed application, which can be found on our website. They are an instant issue as long as the bond amount does not exceed $3,000.00. Upon approval for the bond, the original signed application must be forwarded to our office.

What you Need to do Once you have your Bond

Upon approval and payment of the bond, the original bond will be mailed to you. Please be advised that a copy of the bond must be filed with the State of California – Health and Human Services Agency.

* Please be advised that the quote you obtain for this bond may include a fee charged and retained by The Bond Exchange.